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Since 1st January 2021, there have been new restructuring options for companies in Germany as well as far-reaching changes in restructuring and insolvency law have come into force. We shed some light on the dark and explain the possibilities and changes.

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Restructuring framework

The stabilisation and restructuring framework offers crisis-ridden companies a legal framework for the first time in which they can restructure themselves without the need for insolvency proceedings.


We support you while getting trough a crisis

Companies develop dynamically. You make every decision to the best of your knowledge and belief. But then things happen that come to you unplanned. The restructuring partners are at your side during these phases, providing you with solutions and helping you to implement them. So that you are able to act again!



There are many ways to restructure

Even in difficult situations, you as an entrepreneur can choose between good and bad options. To do so, however, you need to know them and think them through. We can help you with this! We show you the possibilities, give recommendations and then go the way together with you.



Become a company rescuer

Are you interested in a job related to company crisis and want to become a "company rescuer"? What you will find with us: We advise in all facets of crisis, work in a variety of restructuring projects and help companies to reposition themselves competitively on the market.



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