Application Process

The application

If you would like to send us an unsolicited application or apply to an advertised position, please send your application documents by e-mail only. Please use Word or PDF files as attachments. Ideally, these should be combined into one document, which should not be larger than 6 MB.

The selection process

You will promptly receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your application. Your application will then be forwarded to the relevant department and examined individually. Within – usually – 14 working days you will be invited to a telephone interview if we are interested, or you may receive an invitation to the first interview, otherwise you will receive a written rejection.

The interview process

So that we can get to know each other, we conduct a personal interview with you. The interview will be conducted by the personnel management and your future superior. In addition to your personality and career, we also want to get an idea of your professional skills. If necessary, we will ask you to solve a case study from the restructuring environment. We would like to see how you approach tasks, what experience and knowledge you have and how you apply them. Sometimes we also get involved in intensive technical discussions, but this is not to test your knowledge. We simply want to see how you think and interact. Above all, we want to find out to what extent we fit together – in other words, whether the chemistry is right.

The conclusion of the contract

If you successfully complete the interview(s), you will receive a written offer from us.

Your start with us

If we have also convinced you and you accept our offer, you can usually start with us on your desired date.

Your first day

Your first day is exciting – both for you and for us. We always look forward to a new employee. We want you to settle quickly and feel ‘at home’ with us. Our mentoring program is designed to train new employees quickly and well.

Annette Jobst

Annette Jobst