We support you in coping with corporate crises

There are many ways to manage a corporate crisis

We want to support you while getting trough a crisis. To do this, you have to know all the options and be able to understand them. Transparency, communication and trust are of enormous importance for our daily work.

At this point we have prepared helpful topics on the crisis for you: Checklists, glossary, questions and answers. We also present a future instrument for restructuring: the stabilisation and restructuring framework.

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Since 1st January 2021, there have been new restructuring options for companies in Germany as well as far-reaching changes in restructuring and insolvency law have come into force. We shed some light on the dark and explain the possibilities and changes.

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Restructuring framework

The stabilisation and restructuring framework offers crisis-ridden companies a legal framework for the first time in which they can fundamentally restructure themselves without the need for insolvency proceedings.

Who we are

We are management consultants with a clear focus on the restructuring of medium-sized companies. We know our way around! With our seeds in CMS Unternehmensberatung AG Restrukturierungspartner became an expert unit. We are respectful and courageous enough to make decisions with the entrepreneur for the company.


What we do

The Restrukturierungspartner support entrepreneurs along the entire range of restructuring options. We are there for you – with know-how from 40 years of experience, summarised in the most up-to-date tools. We compete with our claim to achieve only the best for our customers and their employees every day. Because that is what we stand for – not only now, but always.


Do you have a special request? We are gladly there for you.

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