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The daily and trade press regularly reports on Restrukturierungspartner and on the companies we supported during restructuring. You can find an extract from these press reports here. Enjoy reading!

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Stabilisation and restructuring framework

A revolution is imminent in the field of corporate reorganisation: the stabilisation and restructuring framework offers crisis-ridden companies a legal framework for the first time in which they can fundamentally restructure themselves without the need for insolvency proceedings and is expected to become law as early as the beginning of 2021. The aim: to simplify restructuring.

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The COVInsAG has changed significantly as of 1 October 2020 - insolvent companies are again obliged to file for insolvency without delay.

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Top 6 rules

The coronavirus crisis hit all unprepared. Plant closures and supply interruptions acutely endanger the survival of many thousands of companies and jobs. Find out what you can do now!