27. October 2021
Rubie's Deutschland Group successfully sold
The investor process for Rubie's Deutschland Group was successfully completed at the end of September. In cooperation with the self-administration led by Christoph Enkler (Brinkmann & Partner, Frankfurt) and legally supported by ADVANT Beiten, Restrukturierungspartner found several investors for the largest German retailer of carnival articles.
11. October 2021
mdexx GmbH starts self-administration proceedings
mdexx GmbH, an expert in the development, manufacture and sale of coiled goods and fans, today filed an application with the responsible district court in Syke for the opening of insolvency proceedings in self-administration. The court has approved this application, thus clearing the way for the company to reorganize itself under insolvency protection. As a result of the court order now in place, the management of the company remains in the hands of the board of directors.
24. September 2021
Implementation-oriented consulting in all crisis phases
The creation of a restructuring concept is often equated with the end of the crisis. After all, the causes of the crisis have been analyzed, restructuring measures have been defined and the financing has been presented. However, a look at practice shows: the actual goal - a sustainable overcoming of the crisis - only starts after a restructuring concept has been presented and is only completed when the company has been realigned and all measures have been operationally implemented. We reveal what companies need to bear in mind.
24. September 2021
Fachklinik Waldeck: restructuring on the home straight
The reorganization of Fachklinik Waldeck in Schwaan near Rostock is virtually complete: At their meeting last Wednesday, the creditors unanimously approved the reorganization plan developed within the protective shield proceedings. The competent Rostock District Court has already confirmed the reorganization plan. Once the plan has become legally effective after the statutory deadline of two weeks at the beginning of October, the takeover of Fachklinik Waldeck by Recura Kliniken SE will also be finally completed.
23. August 2021
Investor agreement for the takeover of Fachklinik Waldeck
Recura Kliniken SE and FuturaMed-Gesellschaft für modernes Management im Gesundheitswesen GmbH have signed an investor agreement with the aim of acquiring Fachklinik Waldeck in whole. This agreement is a very important step fort he successful completion of the restructuring process initiated in May 2021.
20. August 2021
ICE Gateway: successful investor process in record time
Within a few weeks, the investor process for the insolvent ICE Gateway GmbH was successfully completed. A strategic investor has taken over the Berlin-based start-up as of August 1, 2021. Restrukturierungspartner exclusively advised the insolvency administrator Dr. Susanne Berner on the investor search.
2. August 2021
Fachklinik Waldeck: redevelopment is fully on schedule
The reorganization of Fachklinik Waldeck in Schwaan near Rostock is progressing well:, the Rostock Local Court confirmed self-administration also for the opened protective shield proceedings. Now the reorganization prepared under the “protective shield“ can be implemented independently as planned.
6. July 2021
Professional liquidity planning - the basis for successful restructuring
Grants, KfW loans and bridging aid - the economic impact of the COVID 19 pandemic was combated primarily by Fresh Money. Resilient liquidity planning, though always a crucial anchor of stability in uncertain times for entrepreneurs, financiers and market partners, has in many cases been non-existant or inadequate.
19. May 2021
RSP and Brinkmann & Partner reorganize specialist clinic Waldeck
Restrukturierungspartner and Brinkmann & Partner jointly accompany the protective shield proceedings of the specialist clinic Waldeck in Schwaan near Rostock. Restructuring expert Burkhard Jung is responsible for the restructuring as the new managing director of the specialist clinic and lawyer Dr. Christoph Morgen has been appointed as provisional administrator.
17. May 2021
Successful redeveloping transfer: Heristo takes over Möve Bikes!
Heristo Holding takes over insolvent Möve Bikes. Business will continue at the Mühlhausen site and all jobs will be retained. The restructuring partners exclusively supported insolvency administrator Marcello Di Stefano in the investor process.
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