Burkhard Jung and Stefan Weniger start as “Restrukturierungspartner” with their own brand

Berlin, 15.03.2018 - Burkhard Jung and Stefan Weniger, together with Robert Tobias and Werner Warthorst, are releasing the hww management consultants from the hww Group and are once again independently appearing on the market with a proven concept. "Restrukturierungspartner" is the name of the new brand under which 30 experienced restructuring specialists will advise companies in crisis.

ERSTELLT AM 15. March 2018

'Our goal remains the comprehensive restoration of the competitiveness of our clients', says Burkhard Jung. Stefan Weniger, his management partner, adds: 'We see ourselves not only as classic consultants, but also take risks ourselves if necessary.' The Restrukturierungspartner, assume operational responsibility as restructuring managers (CROs) for example.

'As in the past, our range of services extends from a quarter to twelve to a quarter to twelve', says Stefan Weniger. The Restrukturierungspartner therefore support their clients, which include entrepreneurs, creditors or insolvency administrators, in everything that is necessary for extrajudicial or judicial restructuring. 'Our core competence is to organise the entire restructuring process safely and transparently for all parties involved. This creates trust as the basis for any successful restructuring', says Burkhard Jung.

'Trust is better' is therefore also the motto of the Restrukturierungspartner. And this trust is no accident. It has grown over decades. Founded in 1975 as CMS Unternehmensberatung, the specialist consultancy has been one of the big names in the German restructuring scene for over 40 years. Hundreds of companies have the consultants led back on the road to success.

On this basis we can team up with you too, trust in our very special capabilities.

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