DBM Druckhaus Berlin Mitte: Site in Wustermark saved

Extraordinarily fast, Restrukturierungspartner together with insolvency administrator Dr. Björn Gehde (Hilgers & Partner) have found a buyer for the insolvent DBM Druckhaus Berlin Mitte GmbH. A consortium of investors led by DBM Managing Director Martin Lind will continue to run the Wustermark site with its employees.

ERSTELLT AM 4. March 2021

At the end of December 2020, DBM Druckhaus Berlin Mitte GmbH had to file for insolvency proceedings and the lawyer Dr. Björn Gehde from Hilgers & Partner was assigned as provisional insolvency administrator. He has since continued to run the traditional print shop, which produces high-quality posters, calendars, displays and other print products at its two sites, and initiated a structured investor process.

The M&A process was exclusively managed by the consulting company Restrukturierungspartner, which approached numerous national and international investors and held intensive talks with various interested parties. In the end, an investor solution led by Martin Lind, Managing Director of DBM Druckhaus Berlin Mitte GmbH, was convincing. The consortium of investors took over the Wustermark site with effect from 2nd March 2021. The contracting parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

„It was not an easy investor process, as the printing industry has been suffering from enormous consolidation pressure for years and, as a result of the Corona crisis, many companies in the industry are losing important orders too,” explains Merlin Smeenk, who managed the investor process as project manager.

„We are very pleased that we succeeded in finding this solution within just over two months. This is above all also thanks to the very good and trusting cooperation of all parties involved“, adds insolvency administrator Dr. Gehde.

About DBM Druckhaus Berlin Mitte GmbH

Berlin-based DBM Druckhaus Berlin Mitte GmbH is a sustainable print shop whose origins date back to the 19th century. At two locations, the company produces posters, books, displays, brochures, calendars, folded products and maps, among other things. Already in 2015, and thus as the first German print shop ever, DBM received the „Blue Angel for Print Products“ seal for print products from offset printing.

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