Future of OCP secured by international investor

Lage (Lippe), 10.12.2018. Environmental Business Products Ltd. from London took over the insolvent OCP GmbH with all its employees on 15 November 2018. The production site in Lage (Lippe) will also be retained. The management consultancy Restrukturierungspartner advised insolvency administrator Hassan Ben Djemia (Gottschalk · Wojtys · Wiesner) on the sale of the ink manufacturer.

ERSTELLT AM 10. December 2018

Since filing for insolvency on 9 July 2018, insolvency administrator Hassan Ben Djemia has continued the business operations of OCP GmbH and initiated an investor process for which the experts of Restrukturierungspartner were responsible.

The team around Managing Director Werner Warthorst approached a large number of national and in particular international investors. After intensive negotiations with various interested parties, the final negotiations with the British Environmental Business Products Group were concluded on 13 November 2018 (signing). The parties agreed not to disclose the purchase price. With around 200 employees, the buyer is one of the largest European refillers of ink cartridges with headquarters in London.

'As a developer and producer of inkjet inks, which are primarily sold on European and North American markets, OCP is an ideal addition to the Environmental Business Products Group and has a great future ahead of it under the umbrella of the British company', underline insolvency administrator Ben Djemia and M&A expert Warthorst.

Insolvency administration Gottschalk · Wojtys · Wiesner: Hassan Ben Djemia (Partner), Marina Dörmann (Partner)

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