KSI 6/20: Comments on SanInsFoG

In the latest issue of KSI magazine (6/2020), Burkhard Jung, Dr. Fabian Meißner and Ann-Katrin Ruch report on the status of the discussion on the SanInsFoG.

ERSTELLT AM 16. November 2020

Various industry associations have submitted their proposals for amendments and improvements to the draft bill on the further development of restructuring and insolvency law (SanInsFoG). In their article, Burkhard Jung, Dr. Fabian Meißner and Ann-Katrin Ruch present the most important key points of these statements and thus provide an overview of the status of the discussion.


„Pre-insolvency proceedings have been one of the defining topics of the restructuring industry for years. On July 16, 2019, the EU Directive on the preventive restructuring framework entered into force, starting a two- to maximum three-year implementation period for the introduction of a non-insolvency restructuring procedure. Faster and significantly more comprehensive than expected, the draft bill for the implementation of this directive has been available since 18.9.2020. (...)“

Source: KSI 6/2020

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