"StaRUG is no panacea." - Burkhard Jung in an interview with EXIS|TENZ Magazine

The stabilization and restructuring framework for companies (StaRUG) is coming in 2021. Detlef Fleischer spoke exclusively for EXIS|TENZ Magazine to Burkhard Jung. As managing director of Restrukturierungspartner and chairman of the Restructuring and Insolvency Consulting Association of the Federal Association of German Consultants (BDU), he is one of the experts in the industry.

ERSTELLT AM 11. December 2020

The stabilization and restructuring framework for companies (StaRUG) has dominated the discussion in the restructuring industry since the publication of the draft law. The new law will provide companies with a new tool to simplify restructuring.

Burkhard Jung on the StaRUG

In an interview with EXIS|TENZ Magazine, Burkhard Jung, partner and managing director of Restrukturierungspartner describes his view of the new law. How will it change the industry? Will it really simplify the restructuring of companies? What are the advantages? And what are the potential problems?

We have summarized the most exciting questions for you in a short video. You can find the entire interview in the latest issue of EXIS|TENZ Magazine.

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