Ackermanns Haus „Flüssiges Obst“

General information

beverage manufacturer
approx. 60
roughly EUR 11 million

Initial situation

Ackermanns Haus Flüssiges Obst GmbH & Co. KG produced fruit and vegetable juices under various brand names (including kinella). In February 2016, provisional insolvency administration was ordered after the necessary funds to finance business operations were no longer available. The insolvency administration initiated a structured investor process with the aim of transferring the company to an investor as quickly as possible.


Restrukturierungspartner was responsible for the M&A process of Ackermanns Haus Flüssiges Obst GmbH & Co. KG, which was completed in less than eight weeks. More than 300 national and international potential buyers were contacted as part of the investor search. Talks, site visits and intensive negotiations were held with around ten strategic interested parties.

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