Gausepohl Qualitätsfleisch

General information

meat processing
approx. 100
roughly EUR 150 million

Initial situation

The beef division of the Gausepohl Group came under increasing liquidity pressure in autumn 2014 due to a failure to implement restructuring measures and a failed sales process. The management of Gausepohl Qualitätsfleisch GmbH & Co. KG was forced to file for insolvency in November 2014. Restrukturierungspartner was commissioned to carry out a structured bidding process in order to secure business operations in the context of a transferred restructuring.

The provisional insolvency administrator Prof. Dr. Lucas Flöther commissioned Restrukturierungspartner to conduct a structured bidding process in order to find a suitable investor for the business.


In the course of an eight-week sales process, more than 60 national and international companies in the meat processing industry and around 300 financial investors were approached. In the end, Westfleisch eG was able to assert itself as strategic investor. Thanks to the takeover, all jobs were saved and a far above-average insolvency rate of up to 50 % was achieved.

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