KTG Agrar SE


agriculture organization
approx. 800 (group)
roughly EUR 330 million (group)

Initial situation

KTG Agrar SE was the parent company of the “KTG Group”, an agricultural group which predominantly grew cash crops for further processing and sale to end-consumers on its own crop areas in Germany and Eastern Europe as well as sold substrates for bioenergy production. KTG Agrar SE also was the majority shareholder of KTG Energie AG, which, listed on the stock exchange since 2012, operated company-owned biogas plants in Eastern Germany.

The company was recently no longer able to pay the rates due on the corporate bond issued in the business year 2011 and as a result filed for the opening of insolvency proceedings in self-administration in July 2016.


Restrukturierungspartner advised the management in the context of the self-administration and were responsible, among other things, for preparing income and liquidity plannings for the agricultural companies in Germany. In addition, Restrukturierungspartner prepared income plans for the sale of individual agricultural locations and analyzed substrate prices.

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