Laborchemie Apolda

General information

approx. 90
roughly EUR 11 million

Initial situation

Laborchemie Apolda GmbH specialized in the production and distribution of pharmaceutical products, fine and industrial chemicals, as well as liquid crystals. As niche specialist, LCA operated in areas that were for one thing too insignificant for large corporations, but then again difficult to access for smaller business units, especially on the sales side. The loss of an important major customer led to a sharp drop in sales. Due to the short-term nature of this incident, cost structures could not be adjusted in time and sufficiently.

The provisional insolvency administrator Prof. Dr. Lucas Flöther commissioned Restrukturierungspartner to conduct a structured bidding process in order to find a suitable investor for the business.


In a first step, Restrukturierungspartner prepared a detailed option analysis and integrated corporate planning for Laborchemie Apolda GmbH. In the second step, Restrukturierungspartner took over preparing the application (§270 a InsO) - including the preparation of all documents - and the provision of a self-administrator in the person of Burkhard Jung as chief restructuring officer (CRO). Restrukturierungspartner were also responsible for drawing up the insolvency plan.

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