Unser Heimatbäcker Gruppe (Lila Bäcker)


production and distribution of bakery products
approx. 2,700
roughly EUR 140 million

Initial situation

The Unser Heimatbäcker Group, based in Pasewalk, had been a bakery chain with over 400 branches in Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The company had to file for insolvency in self-administration due to payment difficulties caused by increasing competition with discounters as well as changing consumer behaviour.

In order to find one or more suitable investors for the business operations, a structured bidding process was initiated by the management and the preliminary custodian, Prof. Rolf Rattunde. Restrukturierungspartner exclusively accompanied this investor process.


In an M&A process of nearly seven months, the Unser Heimatbäcker Group was restructured by a consortium of investors with the support of the banks involved.

Restrukturierungspartner were responsible for coordinating the entire transaction process. This included, among other things:

  • Investor research and approach
  • Management presentations
  • Support with due diligence
  • Evaluation of offers
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