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Responsible entrepreneurial action in a corporate crisis is only possible if all options are on the table. It may not always be clear to the people involved, but even in difficult situations entrepreneurs often have the choice between good and bad options. However, they need to know and think these options through. An option paper offers the persons involved an initial overview of the possible ways of restructuring.

Basically, from the point of view of Restrukturierungspartner, the following possibilities for restructuring a company can be considered:

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Restructuring concepts & implementation

Restructuring concepts (or restructuring reports) and their implementation belong together

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Corporate financing, mergers & acquisitions

We support entrepreneurs or shareholder in company financing and also in the sale of a company.

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Self-administration and protective shield

In the self-administration the management continues the business.

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Operational management

We prepare the restructuring optimally at an early stage.