Distressed M&A

The sale of a company in crisis within the framework of a so-called distressed M&A procedure represents a particular challenge for the M&A process and those involved in the process - in particular due to the specified time restrictions.

Although the process phases largely coincide with those of a "typical" mandate of sale, the different phases can generally no longer be clearly separated from each other. Since the time frame is regularly limited to only a few weeks, a high level of competence is required to coordinate the project and the process in order to achieve a transparent and goal-oriented investor process. This applies in particular to sales processes from (provisional) insolvency.

In addition to tight deadlines, there are other factors that require special consideration. In addition to the "usual" interest groups, there are a number of other stakeholders who usually only play a subordinate role in a "normal" sales process. One of the key factors for a successful transaction process is to analyse these different interests and take them into account in the investor process.

Restrukturierungspartner have many years of expertise both in sales processes in special situations and in numerous business continuations during insolvency (filing) proceedings. This enables us to respond in a targeted and competent manner to the specific requirements of a company sale resulting from insolvency.

How can Restrukturierungspartner help companies?
  • Planning and controlling of the entire sales process by experienced staff
  • Use of extensive restructuring know-how as well as professional infrastructure
  • Research and targeted approach of potential investors, with access to the extensive network of strategic investors, financial investors and corporate groups who have experience in the purchase of companies from insolvency
  • Preparation of short company analyses, reorganization and restructuring concepts and target-oriented information memoranda
  • Other services in connection with the sale, if required from a single source (planning of business operations in the filing procedure, in the opened procedure and after a sale)
  • Preparation of company information and the setting up and administration of an electronic data room
  • Support of the due diligence process as a link between the insolvency administrator, debtor and potential investors
  • Support in communicating with key customers and suppliers and maintaining business operations
  • Calling for and analysing binding purchase bids, including financing confirmation or credit assessment of potential buyers
  • Accompanying and supporting the sales contract negotiations
  • Documentation of all steps of the sales process through regular reporting
  • Ensuring transparency and increasing transaction security through structured, systematic procedures (internal and external)