External Restructuring Reporting

After recognizing the crisis, identifying its causes and then drawing up a restructuring concept, a company must then implement the agreed measures and set up a restructuring report (also known as external controlling). Well-functioning, meaningful external controlling is just as crucial for successful company restructuring as the implementation of the measures. It keeps track and reports on the current status of the implementation of the planned restructuring measures and possible target/actual deviations.

This information is of interest to the management, but also chiefly to the financers of the company in crisis, as they often forgo financial resources or support the company with fresh funding in the reorientation phase. However, as the investors’ trust in the company's management is often impaired, investors frequently commission external controllers.

Restrukturierungspartner set up a meaningful, external restructuring reporting system, prepare the results and regularly inform all of the partners involved. Together with our clients, we can thus monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the agreed restructuring measures and take timely countermeasures in the event of negative deviations. We create transparency and regain the trust lost by business partners.

What are the benefits of external reorganisation reporting and reporting?

External restructuring reporting provides the client with the following functions:

  • Consistent monitoring of the defined restructuring measures,
  • early detection of deviations from the plan and action required,
  • the acquisition of controlling expertise through the temporary deployment of external specialists or the completion of controlling without building up internal capacities,
  • the creation of transparency regarding the company's situation, and
  • the regaining of lost confidence of the restructuring partners through independent rapporteurs.

How can Restrukturierungspartner help companies?

Restrukturierungspartner support companies in the area of external controlling with:

  • Development and implementation of conclusive, external controlling and a receiver-oriented reporting system taking into account particular information requirements
  • Regular preparation of the controlling results for all restructuring partners (e.g. quarterly) as well as information on acutely identified problems outside the regular reporting system
  • Target/actual comparison for business planning, cause analysis and critical tracking of performance indicators as well as liquidity and balance sheet indicators
  • Information on the implementation status and success of the restructuring measures with an outlook on future developments
  • Identification of action required in the event of undesirable developments
  • Initiation and monitoring of corrective actions in the event of deviations
  • Rolling adjustment of the forecast planning for the current financial year and, if necessary, revision of the long-term planning
  • The controller’s temporary assumption of the function of interim manager (transfer of know-how)
  • Optimization or modification of existing controlling instruments

Dr. Robert Tobias

Partner and Managing Director

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