Independent Business Review

Banks often demand this transparency if the covenants agreed in the loan agreement have been breached or threaten to be breached in the future. The objective assessment can be used to outline the way forward for corporate restructuring or reorganization. It forms the basis for negotiations with the financers in order to develop the company going forward and to define measures for this purpose.

How can we help as Restrukturierungspartner?

As independent experts, Restrukturierungspartner prepare an Independent Business Review, which serves management and shareholders as a basis for further action in the context of restructuring.

In our assessment, we focus on the following topics and related issues, for example:

1. Comprehensive presentation of the financial situation with a profit and loss account, balance sheet and liquidity, e.g.:

  • How did the company's profit or loss develop in the course of the balance sheet?
  • What is the company's profit situation like?
  • Does the company have sufficient liquid funds?

2. Integrated consideration of the performance economic situation, e.g.:

  • How are the competences distributed within the company?
  • What is the production quality like?
  • How high is the optimization potential of the service processes?

3. Consideration of relevant aspects for the company's development, e.g.:

  • Are changes in the legal framework foreseeable?
  • Are there any effects of technical progress on the company's product portfolio?
  • How will society change in the coming years and what does this mean for the company?

4. Description of the market and competition with subsequent assessment of the corporate strategy, e.g.:

  • What is the company's USP?
  • What are the core aspects of the competitive situation?
  • Is there a target-oriented marketing strategy?

In the Independent Business Review, we summarize the key issues that are crucial for the company’s development. We depict the business model in the form of corporate planning and point out the critical points along the value chain. This gives the management and the shareholders a clear picture of the areas in which the company can be developed and how.

Depending on the size and complexity of the company and the range of analyses required, we tailor our IBR precisely to the needs of our customers.

Advantages of the Independent Business Review

A professional IBR from Restrukturierungspartner has the crucial advantage of independence and objectivity. Stakeholders such as banks, other financers, but also management and shareholders trust our judgement. On the basis of the expert assessment prepared by us, the further course of restructuring or reorganization is determined with strategic and operational measures.

Burkhard Jung

Partner and Managing Director

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